Private Voice Lessons or Vocal Conditioning

for Professional Singers, Touring Artists and Committed Amateur Singers


Classical, Opera, Jazz and Blues, Musical Theater and Contemporary Musical Theater, Americana, Folk and World Music


Please contact me with your initial inquiry we will set up your Initial Fit Session to make sure I am the right voice teacher for you.

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Evidence-Based Functional Vocal Pedagogy…

…has its roots in the best of traditional singing tradition and techniques, but shares principles with sports’ medicine, exercise psychology and advances in the art and science of teaching singing.  Our work together is highly informed by principles of sensorimotor learning and the neuroplasticity of the brain. You don’t have to understand these principles if you don’t want to, because my job is to make the benefits practical, interesting and useful for YOU!

Somatic Education…

…helps unkink the body from habits that interfere with free expression and movement. The word somatic comes from the Greek word, “soma,” which means “living body.”  Somatic education helps to reunite the relationship among the body, mind and Spirit. Names of familiar modes of “somatic education” that I have studied and practice myself are yoga, Alexander Technique, myofascial release via the work of Suzan Postal of The Body Sings, and movement therapies including tribal belly dance and dance from organic animal movements.


Cate is a remarkably versatile musician and gifted teacher of singing. She magically identifies subtle ways my body and inner attitudes affect my communication as a professional singing actress. She then gently and systematically worked to relieve those blocks & strengthen my whole voice.
— Joanne Schmoll, MFA, Helen Hayes Award Nominee: Best Actress in a Musical, Film and Media Actress, Film Music Supervisor
Thanks for helping us do what we do! Grateful for people like you that teach musicians how to sing and play in ways that promote health and healing.
— The Bumper Jacksons ( - Jess Elliot Myhre, Lead female singer, multi-instrumentalist, Song Writer/arranger Alex Lacquement, Background vocals, Bassist, Song Writer/arranger Recording and tour schedule available on website.
Cate Frazier-Neely has been one of our two vocal clinicians for almost ten years. We know that our ensemble can only be as good as its individual members working together. Somehow she tends our individual vocal needs while working things into the choral unit we wish to be.
— The Suspicious Cheese Lords, WAMMIE award-winning men's classical early music ensemble, recordings available on website -