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Sing Your Disciplined and Wild Joy!


My life’s HALLELUJAH! has been training of singers, singing teachers, performers and the rehabilitation of injured voices.

I know, deep in my bones, that singing is everyone’s birthright.

I’ve HALLELUJAH-ED my way through 40 years as an Vocal Expert in private studio, academia, community education, recording studio, and for business leadership training using the arts.

I now have new ways to serve students, clients and colleagues!


Through our work together you will

Learn the truth: You aren’t a damn machine. Awaken to the flow that comes from your body’s natural rhythms and life cycles.

Learn how to work with your personal “back-stage action,” the neuro-plasticity of your brain. ALLOW deep motor-learning skills and freeing thought patterns to emerge. Create a more reliable and expressive singing that reflects the NOW of you.

Build mindfulness through whole body perception to work functionally with your whole self and stop your monkey mind from slinging crap at you.

Strengthen yourself as a conduit for the powerful bioelectric energy that is singing and communicating. 


Release your musical soul and let it fly! 

THIS is Voice Teaching for the 21st Century.



Work with Cate

2019-2021 Offerings

The Alchemy of Teaching Singing

The Alchemy of Teaching Singing

Singing Voice Rehabilitation

Singing Voice Rehabilitation

Vocal Conditioning

Vocal Conditioning






As a career jazz and R & B singer, I don’t trust my voice to just any voice teacher. Cate Frazier-Neely is the one I trust. Her unique manner of working creates the vocal gym to ensure my vocal health, authenticity, stamina, and vitality.
— Alison Crockett, Miss Diva Blue, Vocal Jazz Educator, George Washington University
I studied singing in college and with other area voice teachers in the years post college. But I wanted a voice teacher skilled in vocal function with whom I could make the transition from classical baritone to tenor and also feel camaraderie. I wanted someone who could be a cheerleader AND kick my butt when I needed it. We were introduced through a stage director for Victorian Lyric Opera and I felt an immediate connection. Here is the teacher I was looking for!
— James Carpenter, Classical Tenor, Theater Educator, Annapolis Shakespeare Company & Annapolis Opera
Cate is a highly qualified and experienced vocal expert. Her own background of high-level professional classical singing, her long history of developing singers of all genres of music and personal recovery from physical trauma, make her uniquely qualified to help performers upping their skills as well as those who are re-training after diagnosis of vocal fold pathology or illness. Her lifetime of investigation into our mind/body knowledge inform her work with a specific sensibility that is generally lacking in the profession of teaching singing. Her compassion for, and commitment to, the highest good of each of her students, and to the profession at large, is exemplary. Her willingness to share what she knows is a gift to all!
— Jeannie LoVetri, Vocal Expert, The Voice Workshop, New York, NY


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