Sing Your Disciplined and Wild Joy!


You know that your best singing comes from understanding that your voice, mind-body and heart are ONE THING.

You are a professional singer, voice teacher, emerging professional or adult committed amateur singer who feels deep, deep down that you aren’t singing the way you want to…

Need to…Or used to…. Or know you can….

What if you could systematically release, strengthen and integrate your singing with the entire rest of your body, mental focus and musical intent?

What if you could tune your body to the Music and not try to make music tune to you?

I have developed a magic box of tools that we’ll use, including—

  • Functional vocal pedagogy and functional listening

  • Somatic Education of the Body

  • Rhythm and Movement

  • Sports’ Training Psychology

  • Vocal Rehabilitative Tools

  • Practical Application of Voice Science and

  • My honed intuition and perception


I also have an extensive performance background as a classical singer and am a multi-skilled musician, instrumentalist and educator. This also includes a background in Americana music, folk-rock, jazz, cabaret, and many sacred and choral music traditions.


Through our work together you will:

Discover the blessed truth: You aren’t a machine! Awaken to the flow that comes from your body’s natural rhythms, life cycles and years.

Allow deep motor-learning skills and freeing thought patterns to emerge. This creates a more reliable and expressive singing that reflects the NOW of you.

Understand that your body and voice will change over the years, and you can work with these changes! This is true of singers in any genre, for vocal music educators, as a committed hobby singer, as anyone WANTING this connection.

THIS is Voice Teaching for the 21st Century.

THIS is Voice Teaching that serves YOU.


Work With Cate:

The Alchemy of Teaching Singing

The Alchemy of Teaching Singing

Cate’s Collegial Consults

Cate’s Collegial Consults

Private Voice Lessons

Private Voice Lessons

Singing Voice Rehabilitation

Singing Voice Rehabilitation




As a career jazz and R & B singer, I don’t trust my voice to just anyone. Cate is the one I trust. Her manner of working creates the vocal gym to ensure my vocal health, authenticity, stamina and vitality.
— -Allison Crocket, Miss Diva Blue, Vocal Jazz educator and Pianist
I needed a voice teacher who could transition me from classical baritone to tenor. I wanted camaraderie and to find someone who would be a cheerleader AND kick my butt when I needed it. We were introduced through a director at Victorian Lyric Opera and I felt an immediate connection. Here is the teacher I was looking for!
— James Carpenter, Classical Tenor, Theater Educator, Annapolis Shakespeare Company & Annapolis Opera
Cate is a highly qualified and experienced vocal expert. Her own background of high-level professional classical singing, her long history of developing singers of all genres of music and personal recovery from physical trauma, make her uniquely qualified to help professional singers, performers upping their skills and those recovering from diagnosis of vocal fold injury. Her lifetime of investigation into our mind/body knowledge inform her work with a specific sensibility that is lacking in the profession of teaching singing. Her compassion for, and commitment to, the highest good of each of her students, and to the profession at large, is exemplary. Her willingness to share what she knows is a gift to all!
— Jeannie LoVetri, Vocal Expert, The Voice Workshop, New York, NY


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