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Cate Frazier-Neely, Master Voice Teacher


True Confessions without TMI 


I “hear” in pictures,  

“see” in patterns, and  

“listen” with ears inside my chest—a metaphor for somatic empathy. 


I also scored 99% in the science portion of standardized tests. So it’s been natural to embrace Vocal Pedagogy and Voice Science as a way to structure and inform my unusual, er, “senses.”

Growing up in a family of professional musicians and educators, we made music together and in the larger community. And still do in new ways.

The Academic Education 


MM in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance  

BM in Vocal Performance, Minor in Collaborative Piano (we called it “Accompanying” back then.)  


A Certificate in ‘Leadership through Emotional Intelligence’ from Case Western Reserve’s Departments of Business & Psychology 


Certification in three levels of Somatic VoiceWork™: The Lovetri Method followed by years spent becoming a highly experienced practitioner.  


There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the Light gets in. 
— Leonard Cohen

I’ve experienced a severe adult health history. There weren’t “cracks” so much as full blown Earthquakes that let the light in. Miraculously, I am ok now. 


The American Psychiatric Association didn’t recognize anxiety disorder until 1980. Biomarkers for this illness were not identified until fairly recently. After medical doctors told me to stop being hysterical and just pop valium, in 1985 I turned to yoga as a management tool. I started integrating it into teaching singing at the same time and continued to develop a body-based, holistic approach to the technical training of singers as I integrated the approaches into my own recoveries.

Great, right? But what followed were 8 complicated abdominal surgeries, two which almost took my life. Mystery illnesses that derailed me constantly showed up in clinical measurements that western medicine couldn’t identify. Is it any wonder I developed PTSD?

And then….diagnosis of bi-lateral vocal fold paresis. Both vocal folds, while in excellent condition, stopped responding to brain impulses.

Enough with the cracks to let the light in!

But the light WAS let in. Always, the right healer or teacher showed up to move me forward. I desired to keep present for my husband and children. Students kept coming in droves. Family, clients and colleagues lifted me up. I tapped into my own tenacity, questing nature and the deepening of spiritual practices, which revealed health strategies when there seemed to be none.

In the past 14 years I’ve personally experienced harnessing the neuroplasticity of the brain for healing and motor learning. I understand viscerally that we are electric beings that can tune our own brains with guidance from heart-centered experts.

This has all spilled over into my manner of teaching practical functional vocal pedagogy for vital singing.  


The Bottom Line 


All this is pretty useless for you, the client or student. Unless I can teach in an embodied, USEFUL and fun way!  


And that’s what I do.  



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