Specialized Singing Voice Rehabilitation


Do you struggle with chronic hoarseness or vocal fatigue that makes singing harder than you know it can be?


Have you suffered from a diagnosed vocal injury or are recovering from voice surgery or injections? 


Have you been diagnosed with neurological dysfunction resulting in vocal fold paresis, paralysis or essential tremor?


I am an experienced singing voice specialist who guides disordered singers back to free and healthy singing.

Client referrals come from speech-language pathologists at Johns Hopkins Medicine, others working in clinical settings, & experienced singers and teachers with whom I have worked.


To discuss your needs, the process and rates, please contact me below. I’ll respond in a timely manner, I promise!



Our vocal rehabilitation work is based upon:

  • Evidence-based rehabilitative tools.

  • Practical application of motor-learning principles to embrace the brain’s ability to groove new neuro-pathways for healthy function.

  • My working relationships with licensed Speech Language Pathologists and Speech Language Therapists in the medical community. 

  • Advanced and expert practical application of Somatic VoiceWork tm: The Lovetri Method and Resonant Voice Therapy.

  • My highly-trained somatic empathy, a functionally-discerning ear and leadership through emotional intelligence.


What You Will Need:

It is in your best interest to first be seen by a laryngologist who works with singers. You may request that copies of your records be sent to me via email, or bring me your records at our first meeting. It would help me help you if you also can get a recording of what they say to you. 

Just like knee surgery requires physical therapy, vocal fold surgery requires vocal rehabilitation and reconditioning. 

You will need a plan for vocal maintenance and vocal health that may be different from anything you’ve done so far.  

Since I am both a singing voice rehabilitation specialist and voice teacher in a private, non-clinical setting, insurance will not cover your sessions. 

 Make the Choice to Cherish Your Voice! It is your sound identity out in the world and the sound of your soul.


As I got older, my approach to singing had to evolve and mature. Cate helped guide me through a difficult period as a professional vocalist that included diagnosis of a neurological dysfunction of one vocal fold and the death of my mother. Performing had become a joyless, stressful chore. After the medical diagnosis I began working with a speech-language pathologist who was supposed to help me rehabilitate my singing. She was great at observing what was wrong but had no rehab skills that were useful to me. Cate gave me tools to restructure my technique which has resulted in more stamina, more joy in my talent and greater vocal consistency. This is an on-going growth process but the results continue to prove the merits of what Cate has given me. She very well may have made possible another exciting chapter or two in my life-long career as a professional vocalist!
— Steve Washington, AEA The Steve Washington Project (jazz and R & B), Raggs and the Allstars (lead vocalist), Thad Wilson Jazz Orchestra (vocalist)