Are you an experienced voice teacher who finds yourself working with singers and speakers who have been diagnosed with vocal fold injury or MTD? 



I now offer consults for both you and your student by Zoom or in person.



There are large geographic areas where singers don’t have access to the dream team of a good otolaryngologist, speech-language pathologist, singing voice rehabilitative specialist and integrative healer. 

singing voice rehabilitation voice teacher student consults


Often you, the voice teacher, are the singer’s best option for their improvement.


The three of us will meet so you can supplement your good work with practical rehabilitative tools and underlying principles.


You will be introduced to these things through observing how I work with your student. My first focus will be on your student’s needs. I welcome your questions.


Please read more about my work as a Singing Voice Rehabilitation Specialist.


Your students will bear the cost for this consult, which runs 55-65 minutes, depending on the pacing needed for your student. 


Contact me for how to proceed and fees.


Let’s do this! 


Cate is thorough, responsive, knowledgable, and respectful. She worked and spoke directly to my student, but allowed me to ask questions from my frame of reference. She explained the doctor’s report and how that was related to what I was hearing. I heard Stephanie’s small improvements vocally and could see her spirits pick up. Cate’s manner of working upended my view a bit, but interacting with her in this setting was very valuable to both my student and me.”

”By the end of our session, my hope was back. I know I have a long road ahead, but something sparked in me that had started to fade. Maria is a great teacher and she has been a great guide. Cate honored that while backing way up, presenting some rehabilitative tools and ways to work slowly. I was smiling when we finished!
— Voice Teacher Maria Pellicano and Voice Student, Stephanie Bedalis