The Alchemy of Teaching Singing

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Experiential Learning for Voice Teachers and Recovering Academics


 Start Living Your Undivided Self


 For the SINGER who…

…hungers for the magic of transforming their learning and consumption of pedagogical information into practical tools for their own singing and students, free of jargon.


…desires to experience their body as a responsive and flexible conduit for bioelectric energy—the renewable energy found in all living organisms.

…chooses to ‘up’ their functional listening and whole body perception skills— different from gathering books, lists of exercises, the micro-minutia of voice science, and talking about alignment and breathing.


…is ready to compassionately look at their hidden, vulnerable parts and start to turn them into a joyful power source.


…yearns to find the sweet spot where technique and expression meet and they become ONE thing. 



You’ve earned your degree(s) & attend the workshops and webinars and courses! You’ve typed or scribbled notes until your hand falls off. Year after year you attend more stuff and write more stuff and add them to your stuff pile somewhere.  You want to take the time to embody and feel what the stuff is about!

This program consists of YOU choosing the project you’d like to develop, test and embody within 5 months.

integrative vocal teaching program

Maybe you’re a classical singer who needs to understand what authentic “cross-over” and “hybrid” voice training feels like, sounds like, moves like, and then experience the making of music and story with it!

Or you want to understand how to work with midlife and aging singers, either privately or in a group. Maybe you want to actually start a community group and build it up!

Perhaps you’re deep into voice science and acoustics, and absolutely love it! It is your drug of choice! You want to make sure your love of learning is not confused with actually helping the students in your studio. Is your love of learning practically connecting your students and clients with what THEY need to experience in the moment? 


 Are you investing in Higher Education? Or Higher LEARNING? 

Unfortunately, most of the time they aren’t the same thing…

Bring what you know, down into your BODY and create practical tools for you and your students.

Let’s turn all the stuff into gold!


The Alchemy of Teaching Singing is an easily-paced, five-month program featuring 10 hours of 1:1 sessions on a vocal education project of your choice

We will develop your body’s own visceral sense and wisdom as the alchemical path towards understanding your topic and moving through a project of your choice.

Your head can get involved only to serve your body. When it gets in the way, we kindly ask it to go get a drink and chill out.


holistic vocal pedg

Doing and Being: 

Our time together also includes: 

  1. Curated articles, videos, podcasts and blog posts targeted to your project and interests.

  2. Autoethnography, a form of qualitative research where you use self-reflection and writing to explore personal experience and growth.

  3. Technical hybrid and crossover voice training integrated with whole body perception, somatic education and movement.

  4. One 1:1 session with me AND another pedagogue of your choice from a list of well-known pedagogues who have agreed to be a guest presenter in this program.

  5. Pontifi-CATE-ing

    • Inspiring, thought-provoking, warm, candid, certain-to-be-irreverent “Somethin’-Somethin’s” to lovingly move you along your personal path towards integrating new perspectives.

emotional intelligence teaching singing

Currently,  the one-on-one aspects of this program are done either in person (Silver Spring, MD) or by Zoom or Facetime, or a combination of both.

You will need to arrange your schedule to allow however much time you need for these steps between sessions. Consider it part of your health and wellness routine in additional to professional development.

Before your last session, you will take “Incubation” time to allow your work to gel. This is a necessary part of living your creativity.

somatic vocal teaching training

Do I get a certificate when I complete this program?

You will get an “I walked my walk and talked my talk” diploma.

(Actually, the answer is No.) 


Investment: $3,700.00

(This is less than the cost of one course at many colleges and universities! --source: Business Insider)

Payment plans are available

Agreement plan to be signed by both you and me 



Let’s Alchemize!

 Apply to get started and begin your journey through The Alchemy of Teaching and Singing today.


This program spoke to the core of who I am as a person, singer, teacher and a life-long learner! Cate came recommended to me by a colleague who had earned the MM in Contemporary Music Pedagogy at Shenandoah University. My chosen project was to strengthen my skills as a crossover artist while learning ways to take what I did with my own voice, and turn them into age-appropriate ways to work with my junior high and high school students.

The way Cate wove music education history, vocal pedagogy history, musicality, contemporary and classical pedagogy and ideas for my studio into the fabric of working with my own voice was truly a magical experience. It was seamless, organic and allowed me time to process. Her joy bubbles over in inspirational ways. All curated materials spoke directly to my goals and I had a blast!
— Laura Peacock, BM, MM; student of David Jones and Shaina Kuhn; Owner, Blue Feather Music


 I look forward to helping you discover the magic that is 

The Alchemy of Teaching Singing